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Our Services

We offer an integrated framework covering solutions from Concept-to-Manufacturing (C2M) solutions to end-of-life maintenance and support services.

New Products Design

We quickly take your idea from concept, to detail design, to prototype.

Machine Design

We provide optimized design solutions for industrial machine requirements.

BIM Services

We empower the client requirements with an end-to-end BIM solutions

Industrial Plant Design

We create minimized and optimized industrial plant designs for the requirements.

Our Clients

New Product Design

We provide engineering design services for new product development. Our design engineers are capable of handling projects from product concept to marketing.

Create concepts that are in line with market developments and consumer demands.

Enhance the product concept, pricing and packaging to exceed market expectations.

We look at industries and market sectors to see what’s new in terms of requirements, price, and brand dexterity, and we make recommendations on how to present it in the best possible way.


We provide engineering design services for BIM (Building Information Modeling). We create watertight structural and architectural designs that are ready for construction, as well as sustainable designs that optimize operational efficiencies and reduce operational cost.

BIM data can be used to coordinate the work of all the different trades involved in construction, and to identify potential problems before they occur.

BIM can be used for both new construction and renovation projects.

The model includes data such as the dimensions of each element, material properties, and location information.

Industrial Plant Design

Our engineering design services offer relevant engineering solutions to industrial plants. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a contractor, or an owner of a plant, we can provide solutions to all your needs. We have highly experienced professionals in the field of engineering and have helped successfully design over many projects.

Consulting: We review drawings and specifications before finalizing design plans

Design: Based on client input, we create 2D/3D models

Fabrication: We connect you to reliable vendors.

About Us

enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd was established in 2013 taking over Zo Technologies which was a leading service provider in Pallikkara, India with a global reach. We have been delivering excellence since 2009 Built on Trust and integrity, we offer value-added engineering to your needs.

We always make whitepapers available for clients and designers as a practice of knowledge transfer.




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We always make whitepapers available for clients and designers as a practice of knowldege transfer.

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