Structural BIM Services

enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd is the best Structural BIM service provider in Kerala, India. Structural BIM Services are inevitable in creating sustainable and energy-efficient structures. Our structural design service experts provide the best visualization of the construction structures for better decision-making and coordination throughout the BIM project. And we have highly efficient engineers who are vast and experienced in the field of BIM design engineering.


The BIM construction sector has grown into a multi-disciplinary coordinated system, with technology playing an increasingly important role. We bridge the gap between effective building techniques of the past and a new and futuristic style of construction with a progressive perspective. We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and have played a critical part in the development of Modern Era masterpieces. Technology is driving construction management for greater resource use and cost control. With its wonderful sophisticated tools and procedures that assist Architects, Engineers, and Designers, BIM leads the entire process. And our staff now delivers value-based BIM Consultation services to its clients after gaining expertise working on large-scale projects.


Expansion for BIM Modeling Services

The 12+ years of expertise in 3D BIM Modeling Services has resulted in the successful completion of over 1,000 BIM projects in the United States, and Canada, among other places. Additionally, we have provided BIM services expertise to a variety of industries, including hotels, multi-family, education, industrial, community, hospitals, medical centers, retailing, and warehouses.


BIM Structural Services

enCAD Technologies BIM construction provides full-service BIM structural and construction documentation for both concrete and steel structures. Moreover, Our structural designing and detailing specialists have extensive expertise. They work with a wide range of construction typologies, including reinforced concrete structures, post-tension systems, composite structures, and structural steel. Additionally, we have completed projects for low and high-rise residential structures, institutional buildings, commercial sites, and industrial spaces. Finally, we use Revit structure and AutoCAD to provide structural services for industrial and residential buildings. We specialize in the creation of structural drawings as well as comprehensive structural shop layouts.


BIM Modeling Services

BIM Architectural Modeling, Architectural Drafting Services, 3D modeling Services, Structural Modeling, and Detailing are all part of our Revit BIM Modeling Services (like Precast and others). We also provide MEP-FP Modeling and Detailing, BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services, Revit Family Creation Services, Underground Utility Locating Services, On-site & Off-Site Coordination Services, CAD to BIM Services, BIM for Facility Management, Accurate Shop Drawings Creation, As-built Drawings Services, Electrical Design Services, and other services.


BIM Structural Detailing and Clients

We provide Structural Detailing Services for all construction types and materials. Additionally, our structural engineers conduct a thorough analysis phase and efficiently detail constructions of complex geometries. Furthermore, our client portfolio comprises structural steel, rebar, or concrete finishing services for world-renowned landmark projects and majestic structures. We have extensive knowledge of international code requirements and structural detailing norms. We have worked on a variety of projects for advanced manufacturing plants and refineries, infrastructure facilities such as airports, bridges, roadways, parking lots, and so on, as well as high-rise and low-rise structures.

Structural Bim