New Product Design

enCAD has infallible authority over-designing products in CAD. Our designs are of DFM (design for manufacturability) stature. We brainstorm ideas and concepts from a multi-angular viewpoint. And we develop a multitude of sample designs and prototypes until we are cent percent satisfied with the product design. This ensures we can eliminate flaws at an early stage and re-iterate without much loss. Not only this, but we also provide worthwhile suggestions in terms of product positioning in the market by the target audience. We follow an iterative process as follows:

Concept analysis

Create concepts that are in line with market developments and consumer demands.

Product upsurge

Enhance the product concept, pricing and packaging to exceed market expectations.

Industry audit

We look at industries and market sectors to see what’s new in terms of requirements, price, and brand dexterity, and we make recommendations on how to present it in the best¬†possible way.

This methodical approach ensures that we deliver flawless designs that are simple to implement. Our market research and analysis team guarantees that we have thoroughly researched the market scenario, ensuring that your products and designs are up to date.

NPD Design

Our main product design services