Bully stick treat holder

  • Bully stick treat holder
New Product Design
About This Project

enCAD Technologies has done an outstanding design for the Bully stick treat holder for manufacturing.


Client requirements:

  • The component that holds the treat must be easily washable and should be free from rust or fray.
  • No sharp edges on the holder.
  • Adjustable length up to 6 ft.
  • Mechanism to attach the tether to a table without damaging the furniture.
  • 100% childproof, Easy to assemble and removing of parts.
  • Compact design, Material selection & Holder cover design


Project Highlights:

This is a product for holding the dog’s treat in place. Research documents showed that the pet treat product usually available in the market are sharp that can injure the dog. enCAD technologies designer took special care while designing the product so that no sharp edges occur as per the client’s requirements. The design is strong, reliable, and had all the client’s requirements. The design was prepared by our designers with respect to the DFM standards with proper surfacing techniques. The prototype for the design was made by enProducts Pvt Ltd. enProducts was able to provide the prototype in minimum lead time and maximum accuracy.



  • Research documents.
  • Design files.
  • Manufacturing drawing.
  • Bill of Materials and Prototype.