Tangled Earphones Recoiler

  • Tangled Earphones Recoiler
New Product Design
About This Project

The team at enCAD Technologies has developed the Tangled Earphones Recoiler. The product aims to reduce the difficulty people have in untangling their earphones before use. The design team found a solution with maximum efficiency according to DFM standards.


Client requirements:

  • Product must work with modern earphones.
  • Mechanism auto-rewind wind the cord within 10 seconds.
  • Trendy design with cord attachable and detachable space.



  • Compact design.
  • Prototype.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Easily manufacturable.


Project Highlights:

This is a product focused on reducing people’s difficulty to untangle earphones before use. enCAD Technologies designers found it challenging to include the mechanism for auto rewinding into the small available space. Our designers performed a multitude of calculations on the recoil system to ensure that the earphones would retract into the space in minimal time and with maximum efficiency, without getting stuck in the process. As a result, the earphones are now able to retract smoothly and seamlessly, making them incredibly easy to use. In addition, our designers designed the springs and other equipment to meet the requirements of the project. To comply with DFM standards, the central roller was divided into two parts. Furthermore, enProducts Pvt Ltd manufactured the prototype using 3D printing technology. Finally, after successfully satisfying the client with the prototype, the company delivered the project deliverables to them.



The deliverables include: