Dispenser Lid

  • dispenser lid
New Product Design
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About This Project

The design of plastic products always needs to be functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. And the process requires an understanding of materials science, manufacturing techniques, and the principles of industrial design. Sharing one of our plastic product designs, Dispenser Lid.


Client requirements:

  • 70 cc of powder to fall out of the nose at a time.
  • Spring loaded funnel closure.
  • Good tight lid for the bottle to prevent leakage.



  • Clean and rigid design.
  • Bend outlet design.
  • Movable outlet.
  • One-touch open-close cap.


Project Highlights:

Dispenser Lid is a frequently used consumer product. enCAD Technology designers after the research produced 4-5 different types of concept designs to choose from and the better design was chosen from the QFD chart by the client to work on. The critical parts involved designing the movable bend outlet with respect to the DFM standards and the solution was made to make the outlet into 2 separate parts that can be molded and joined to form one part. The client was satisfied with the design due to its simple mechanisms and we received good reviews for this project.



The deliverables include