Powder dispenser

  • Powder dispenser
New Product Design
New Product design, npd, plastic design, powder dispenser
About This Project

enCAD had delivered a new product design of a powder dispenser, which is a daily usage consumer product. Additionally, we came up with a sleek and clean design without any unwanted projections. Consequently, this brought out some critical spots in the design that our designers handled with care and perfection. As a result, our professional and on-time approach to the final design outcome made the Client satisfied with our service.


Client requirements:

  • The jar should be able to hold 950 grams of fine powder.
  • The dispenser unit is simple and consists of a spring lever to dispense about 2 ounces of coffee powder into the bottle below.
  • The design should be sleek and clean.
  • Easy to set up and use design.
  • Small mechanisms.
  • The curvature of the dispenser jar.
  • Design of the dispenser stand.


Project Highlights:

This daily usage consumer product posed some challenges for enCAD Technology designers to overcome in order to bring out the best design which is sleek and clean without any unwanted projections. This brought out some critical spots in the design that our designers handle with care and perfection. One of the critical parts was the bottom stand which required a great amount of perfection to look professional since it’s done on two separate molds and later screwed together to form one part. The other part of the project involved the structural design of the jar that holds only 950 grams of powder at a time. As a result, our client was very happy with the final outcome of the design and was awarded good reviews for this project.