New Product Design
DFM, Hand safety, Product design, sensit
About This Project

enCAD recently delivered Sensit, a compact safety switch designed for manual machine operation to ensure hand safety. This New product design of Sensit is made to maintain all aspects of industrial standards and the environment.


Client Requirements:

To develop a two-hand control actuator to avoid the intervention of the operator in hazardous moving processes when a machine or a plant is running.

  • Ergonomic and compact design.
  • Economical.


Project Highlights:

This is actually a sub-project of the Terminal Detection Unit project which we designed for Delphi Control Systems. The product had to be designed ergonomically to prevent fatigue caused by continuous usage and had to be compact. A rubber base was provided for grip. Our designer was able to complete the project in a cost-effective manner, taking into concern the ergonomic design with maximum perfection and within lead time. enCAD sister company enProducts Pvt. Ltd. which manufactures products as per the client’s requirements was assigned to provide the prototype of this product and this was provided with maximum perfection and surface finish.



  • Drawing.