Rubber sheet separator

  • Rubber sheet separator design
Machine design
industrial machine, rubber sheet separator, spm
About This Project

Vietnam rubber processing requested a separator machine to separate rubber sheets from the staked roll. enProducts Pvt Ltd fabricated this Rubber sheet separator machine with our design. Another successful project.


Client requirements:

  • Rubber sheet separator to separate and segregate rubber sheets that are stacked together.
  • Prototype of the design.



  • Easy to operate and compact design.
  • The structure can hold large weights and withstand vibrations.
  • A pneumatically controlled machine that helps in cost reduction.
  • Automated rubber sheet separator.


Project Highlights:

enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd designed a Special Purpose Machine for our client. Firstly, the designers conducted research documentation on the working procedure of separating a rubber sheet and performed force calculations for better understanding of the product. Additionally, since the machine required huge pressing force due to the flexible nature of rubber, the designers utilized Solid works software to complete the design using mostly standard components from FESTO (Pneumatic Components) and MISUMI (bearings). Consequently, our designer completed the project in a cost-effective manner and within minimum lead time. Finally, enCAD’s sister company, enProducts Pvt. Ltd, which manufactures products according to the client’s requirements, was assigned to provide the prototype of this product. Remarkably, enProducts provided the prototype with maximum perfection and surface finish.


The deliverables include:

  • Force calculation sheet for reference.
  • Design files.
  • Manufacturing drawing
  • Bill of Materials.
  • Prototype.