Waste management machine

  • Industrial Rice Plant Automation
Machine design
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About This Project

Waste management is an undisputed subject in engineering and enCAD is helping industries to build machines that can dispose of solid garbage waste. enCAD engineering design team delivers a compact, effective, rugged equipment design of a Waste management machine to one of our clients: Solwearth. This product company got a prestigious award in 2022.


Client Requirements:

  • To design the model for food waste treatment waste carrying capacities are 50kg, 100kg, 500kg, and 1000 kg.
  • To Dehydrate the waste product.


Project Highlights:

The project was to design four models respectively in 50kg, 100kg, 500 kg, and 1000kg food waste carrying capacity respectively for carrying out waste treatment of food products.  The main challenge faced by the enCAD team was to maintain the compact size of the whole project, enCAD team played an exquisite role in providing proper allotment and properly designing the tray for carrying out the food waste.  The client was very satisfied with the enCAD Team, as the latter was up to date in providing quality work in both  3d models as well as 2d drawings.



  • 2D drawings in PDF files.
  • 3D Modeling in Step file format (.stp).