Design of a Robot end effector

  • Design of a Robot end effector
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About This Project

The team at enCAD designed a robot end effector for a 6-axis industrial robotics project. A robot arm attaches an end effector, a tool or device, to perform a specific task. Our team specifically engineered the tool to perform a pick-and-place mechanism for injection molded parts. This results in a more efficient and seamless manufacturing process.


Client Requirements:

To develop a Robot End Effector for picking and placing injection molded parts weighing 25 kg.


Project Highlights:

enCAD Technologies successfully completed designing¬† 6 Axis Industrial robotic for Injection molded part picking and placing. A molded part from a 3200-ton Injection molding machine weighing 25 Kg has to be handled with a lightweight aluminum profile claw module and compact gripping technology. The enCAD Team faced challenges in designing the claw such that its lightweight and with a firm grip should hold the molded part, The enCAD team was successful in delivering the design as per the client’s need. They designed the project using Solid Works software and utilized mostly standard components such as FESTO (Pneumatic Components) and MISUMI.