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  • Handling equipment design
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About This Project

Every industry requires a special type of trolley based on the production requirement. Efficient handling equipment design is crucial in industries where the movement of goods and materials is a critical part of the production process. It is important to design equipment considering its functionality, maneuverability, payload, safety aspects, and strength.


Client requirements:

  • Render the product images to make it more appealing to the customer.
  • To make the steel parts very bright so that it looks real.
  • Back of the cart to look darker than the front part.



  • More appealing.
  • Provides more clarity to the product.
  • Scope for more creative work.


Project Highlights:

The Handling Equipment design project was started by collecting the requirements from the client. A total of 8 work files were provided by the client and these files were provided the colors according to the material. To bring a more realistic appeal to the product the lighting had to be adjusted as the material requirement. The products were mainly trolleys used to carry things in industries and hospitals.



Rendered Images – JPEG format.


Time to complete:  

Rendering services – 60 hours