Spice grinding plant layout

  • Spice grinding Plant Layout
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About This Project

enCAD recently completed the plant design of the Spice grinding plant layout starting from the schematic, process flow, equipment superpositioning, and piping to MEP. The challenge was to make the material flow minimal, hygienic, and maintainable.


Client Requirements:

To design and model the parts initially, allocate the modeled parts in a proper location and do piping works for the plant.


Project Highlights:

The enCAD team carried out the work of laying out the spice grinding plant design, where the client had already provided the pipe diameter and bend radius. The client provided a plant image with 3 stories, and the enCAD team had to allocate the modeled parts in the respective positions on each story. They positioned the parts in a way that effectively and efficiently laid out the plant with piping arrangements to ensure the smooth operation of the spice plant automation. The enCAD team was successful in completing the project within the stipulated time.