Tool transfer trolley

  • Tool transfer trolley
Machine design
About This Project

We have delivered a machine design of a Tool transfer trolley for a French Company. Our design team developed a safe, ergonomic, and easy-to-handle trolley that can load and offload tools weighing 110 kg for quick changeover.


Client requirements:

  • Overall design of the trolley.
  • Modification of the tool lock system to a better automatic mechanical tool lock system.
  • Addition of a mechanical automatic lock for catchers between the trolley and their transfer tables.
  • More ergonomic methods for height adjustment of the trolley.
  • Addition of tool racks.
  • Reduction of weight by structural modifications.



  • Mechanically operated parts.
  • More strong trolley.
  • Easy to carry the sealing tool with maximum safety.


Project highlights:

The designer at enCAD technologies referred to a lot of research papers to come up with an optimum solution for a mechanical trolley that is mainly used to transfer a tool of 110 kg weight for repair or regular maintenance purposes. The client was very particular about the mechanical and safety aspects of the trolley. After identifying the critical parts involved, the designer ensured that the material used for the purpose was strong enough to withstand the weight and that the automatic mechanical locks could be locked and unlocked easily without obstructing the operation of other parts. Pneumatic cylinders were used to lift the trolley to the required height to overcome any critical situations.



The deliverables include:

  • Content audit.
  • Manufacturing designs and drawings.
  • Modified Solid Edge files.