Architectural BIM Services

enCAD technologies are the best Architectural BIM Service provider available in Kochi, Kerala, India. Also, we have mechanical design experts with a great experience. Architectural solutions are very well required in construction projects. Our expertise in Architectural BIM Services provides collision-free models with accurate building materials and detailed construction schedules from the models. We do Architectural drafting and design services that ensures guaranteed ROI for our clients due to our domain experience and architectural solutions-based approach.


Architectural BIM services from BIM design work as an overlay of an architectural firm’s manufacturing and design team. Our architectural services include REVIT support. Prepare with the Architect’s design input and progress through Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Drawings. Our teams will adhere to your values as if we were integral members of your team, conducting work at your facility, from our workplace, or in many circumstances, a mix of both. This delivery method lets us be as accessible to your team as possible.


Our firm is made up of skilled and knowledgeable architects who grasp and integrate their expertise in BIM drawings, construction, and code to assist the design team in carrying out its vision throughout all project instances. Our employees are experts in architectural project creation, design process steps, and project planning. They also make design decisions and diverse partnerships easier.


Revit Architecture Design

We offer Revit Family Construction Services, including parametric and non-parametric Revit families for furnishings, doors, frames, walls, architectural exteriors, and other items. We can efficiently construct System, Loadable, and In-Place families based on project needs.

Our team of architects and BIM designers can extract the construction drawings from the aligned and error-free Revit BIM model. Structural BIM modeling services can also improve these illustrations by adding remarks and notes to round out the CD set.


Off-site or On-site provision of services

All of our BIM services can be conducted in our own office. This goes with communication taking place through web-based productivity tools, video calls, and traditional phone conversations. Still, we feel that a personal presence is necessary for particular undertakings to improve communication and maximize productivity.

We created a one-of-a-kind On-Site support business model in which we can provide on-site BIM architectural models by sending our BIM professionals to work at your desk or in the field for a set period (weeks, months, or perhaps even years on large-scale projects). Whereas, the rest of our team endorses you from our offices. We also provide many contract options to meet your demands, such as Time and Material, Lump Sum, and Full-time employment. Please get in touch with us to plan your next BIM project.

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