Steel Structure Building

BIM design
About This Project

enCAD team had delivered the design services for a steel structure building.

Client requirement:

To design the steel structure building for an office space.


Project Highlights:

This project involvedthe design and construction of a two-story steel building structure covering an area of 400 square meters. The project adheres to ISO standards to ensure the quality and safety of the building. In order to guarantee the building’s structural integrity, a comprehensive structural analysis and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) had been conducted to ensure the building can bear the required loads. Additionally, constructional drawings, Bill of Quantities (BOQ) calculations, and material preparation details had been created to provide an accurate estimation of the construction costs and time required for the project. All of these factors were taken into consideration, to make this steel building structure to be safe, efficient, and to meet the requirements of the client.



  • Constructional drawings
  • Bill of Quantities
  • Material preparation