Upgradation of HVAC

  • Upgradation of HVAC
  • Upgradation of HVAC
  • Upgradation of HVAC 1
  • Upgradation of HVAC 2
  • Upgradation of HVAC 3
BIM design
About This Project

Mechanical rooms are mostly packed with equipment. enCAD was asked for the upgradation of HVAC with a heat regeneration system. Our team successfully delivered engineering BIM drawings for equipment positioning within the limited space.


Client requirement:

To provide installation drawings for their product.


Project Highlights:

The Client’s product is an HLR unit, which needs to be connected to the existing ducting system or the AHU. The enCAD team had to find a suitable location for placing the units and route the ductwork in an optimized way to reduce cost and improve efficiency. A major challenge faced by the team was the non-availability of the floor plans in CAD format. Our Engineers had to refer to the images of floor plans and photographs of the site to recreate the cad model of the building and the existing ductwork. The enCAD team was successful in providing the deliverables within the minimum time and with fewer errors.



  • Navisworks file of the 3D model.
  • PDFs of the generated drawings.