Beverage machine

  • Beverage machine design
New Product Design
About This Project

The enCAD team delivered the product design for a beverage machine for producing gas-aerated drinks. Our team successfully found solutions for the critical parts and achieved great perfection in both the appeal and functionality of the product.


Client requirement:

A Beverage machine product from which gas-aerated drink is made.

  • Space optimization for placing gas filler and, water tank.
  • A spray button to make an aerated drink gush into the mouth as the mist of spray.


Project Highlights:

enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd team designed the Beverage Machine as a product for our client. Throughout the design process, our designers faced several challenging and exciting tasks. Firstly, they designed the cover part for taking the drinking cup, then they made a compact design for the proper placement of the cup assembly. In addition, the enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd team had to place the gas and water mixing chamber and shape the outer cover, which required lofting. They also designed a can with a holder for taking the can from the machine after the drink is mixed. Moreover, the team had to conduct thorough research to find a solution to make the outer opening synchronous with the gas entering valve, which they successfully achieved. Ultimately, the team added great perfection both in appeal and functionality, impressing our client with the project.