Fibre Optic Patch Panels

  • Patch panel design
New Product Design
About This Project

enCAD had delivered designs for 3 different types of patch panels for the Fiber optic industry. Compact and easily accessible designs were delivered on time as per client requirements. Designing fiber bend radius and splicing for compact size requirements was a critical part.


Client requirement:

  • Design of 3 Patch panel designs – 3U, 2U,1U.
  • Design to be easily accessible.
  • Compact design.


Project Highlights:

The project involved designing 3 different types of Fibre Optic Patch Panels that have different sizes. The client required a design that would be easily accessible to everyone for the fiber optic industry panels. Initially, we prepared concept designs and provided them to the client for suggestions. After receiving approval from the client, we designed the panel according to DFM and DFA standards. Designing the fiber bend radius and splicing was critical to the project, as it required compactness for different sizes. We mostly used sheet metal design for the project. We designed a 19-inch rack and used it in all 3 patch panels. Plastic enclosure and FDH are the upcoming projects in the pipeline from the client.