• RP3
New Product Design
About This Project

Product designers of enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd have done a design of plastic product RP3 for manufacturing.


Client requirement:

  • To design the 3D Model of the new products as per the given 2d  drawing.
  • Modification of an existing product.


Project Highlights:

The project includes the design of products that are used for  Hydrofoil Skiing. We used solid and surface modeling to design the product. We faced some challenges like maintaining the tangency with adjacent faces for getting smoother transitions, for the desired shapes. And the enCAD Technologies Pvt Ltd team succeeded in doing that. We have successfully designed and provided 15 products to the client.



  •  Solid works part (.sldprt).
  •  Step File (.stp).
  •  STL File   (.stl).
  •  Drawing file (.sldrw).
  •  PDF.